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👋 Hey there, I’m Denis J., your friendly neighborhood CTO on a mission to make tech less cryptic. 🌐

I’m here to help tech enthusiasts, aspiring developers, and business leaders cut through the jargon and complexities of the digital world. Ever felt lost in the maze of software development or IT management? I’ve got your back. Let’s unravel the mysteries of technology together.

🔧 My offer: I provide straightforward insights, practical advice, and demystified explanations to simplify your journey in the tech realm.

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P.S. I am an Unreal Engine enthusiast with a passion for psychology, foreign policy, and writing.

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In today’s CTO Notes, we will go through the concept of low-code development and its benefits for web or mobile…

01 October 2023 Unlocking Excellence: A Deep Dive into Software Development Testing

Most of the time, TDD is completely overlooked, for numerous reasons! Being it reasonable (like, the client doesn’t want to…

23 September 2023 The Secret Ingredient to Charging More and Keeping Customers Happy

As someone who was included in big number sales while working for medium to big-sized corporations, and also someone who…

16 September 2023 Project Management: What Should You Know Part 4/4

In the last article, we discussed about assembling a team and doing the interviews. Now, that we have finally hired…

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In the previous article, we touched on methodologies and tools in project management. Let’s continue where we left off. We…

02 September 2023 Project Management: What should you know Part 2/4

We will continue where we left off with Part 1 of Project Management. Today’s topic is all about the methodologies…

27 March 2023 How will ChatGPT affect software development?

A few days ago research was published by Tyna Eloundou, Sam Manning, Pamela Mishkin, Daniel Rock, OpenAI , OpenResearch and…

06 February 2023 What is Open Banking?

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this interesting article: regarding future technology in banking. That future technology is…

20 January 2023 Learn how to use async inside useEffect hook

Did you stumble upon a WTF moment when using async inside useEffect hook? I saw that some of the developers…

18 January 2023 Project Management: What You Should Know

In the next several posts I’ll be writing about project management.This is a topic I covered as a lecturer for…

19 December 2022 ChatGPT

Introduction Wow, what an END of the year. As the previous year was known as the Great Resignation, this year…

24 July 2022 Is Freelance Better Than Full-Time Employment?

Introduction Nowadays, i.e. during the pandemic and post Covid-19, when the new normal has become “normal”, more and more people…

23 March 2021 Game: Alien Invasion Retro

I’ve decided to dive into game development. And result of it is this tiny game: Expect future games to…

14 February 2021 How to organize Visual Studio projects

In my latest Youtube video, I talked about how to organize Visual Studio projects in a Visual Studio blank solution…

29 January 2021 Caching in DotNet Core WebAPI using Strategy Pattern

Let me write today about Caching, Repository pattern and finally about CacheRepository by using Strategy pattern. So, I’ve seen a…

22 January 2021 How to fix the IISExpress SSL certification issue

Let’s continue with DotNet stuff. One of the problems I’ve encountered when dealing with IISExpress and using Visual Studio was…

15 January 2021 Automapper Optimization

Today I’ll write about Automapper optimization when using Entity Framework. I won’t go into too much detail about what AutoMapper…

08 January 2021 Dotnet core – 415 unsupported media type error? Easy fix

Prologoue Hello friends! It’s been a while, again! I hope you are all going well and that this new 2021…

08 October 2020 Javascript Splice VS Javascript Slice

Little chit-chat Hi! Let me keep you up-to-date with things that were rolling lately. As I’ve said previously, I finally…

30 July 2020 INTERVIEW JOB CODING TASKS – XML file manipulation

It’s been a while, once again, since my last post. But due to a much of stuff, I’m doing in…

14 May 2020 How to check if a picture is an image or a floor plan by using Javascript

Hi there! Oh, maaaan… This Coronavirus situation was pretty difficult. I hope you all managed to overcome it without any…

19 February 2020 INTERVIEW JOB CODING TASKS – Calculate permutations

Today we are going to continue with interview coding tasks. I really do hope this, solved, coding task is going…

05 February 2020 How-To setup global exception handler in .NET Core?

Today I’ll try to be precise and straight to the point as possible.If you want to simplify your code by…

29 January 2020 When your best employee wants to leave

What does it mean and how to handle valuable member of your organization who wants to leave your company? Well,…

22 January 2020 What motivates employees

Today, we will have an insight into what management is and what drives individuals in a team. Although I had…

22 January 2020 [OT] Changes

Hi! I’ve finally completed my first video for Youtube. I talk about choosing the right Javascript framework for newcomers and…

09 January 2020 Top 10 quick code refactoring tips with C#

Hi there! A few weeks passed by since my last blog post. Well, the holiday time was on and I…

12 December 2019 INTERVIEW JOB CODING TASKS – Calculate Tree depth and a number of leaves

Season 1 – Prologue So… You want to get that developer job, right? You are preparing (or not) yourself and…

28 November 2019 Asynchronous Programming

Have you ever been irritated by unresponsiveness of GUI? Clicking something and then waiting for GUI to get responsive again?…

07 November 2019 IAsyncEnumerable in .NET C# 8.0

OOOOPS…I DID IT AGAIN!? I want to apologize for not respecting and failing my deadlines, with writing a new post…

17 October 2019 Collections in C#

Today I’ll be writing about collections in C# and eventually in my next blog post I’ll be writing about some…

03 October 2019 Entity framework strategies when loading data

There are several types of loading data using Entity Framework. Those are: Lazy Loading Eager Loading Explicit Loading You will…

19 September 2019 EXPRESSION TREES – What, When and How ?

Hi there! Due to the lack of time and a bunch of projects I’m working on in parallel, I’ve decided…

05 September 2019 Generic filter in C# by using builder pattern

Builder pattern with expression trees in a real world, example, is the main topic of today!

21 August 2019 What is MVVM and how to implement it?!

Hi there! It’s been a while since I wrote my last article due to summertime madness. Little digression, if you…

31 July 2019 Redux – simplified

What is Redux? It’s a library for state management based on Flux pattern and functional programming. It’s best used for…

23 July 2019 Level-up your Xamarin apps with HOW-TO Prism!? Part 2/2

Let’s continue from where we left off. So in the previous post (Part 1), we had a short overview of…

16 July 2019 Real example of reflection

I got asked via email if I could write about reflections in C#. So I decided to postpone “Part 2…

09 July 2019 Level-up your Xamarin apps with HOW-TO Prism!? Part 1/2

Learn how PRISM improves your application Hi! Today I will give you some rough overview of how PRISM works and…

04 July 2019 Learn what OAS (Open Api Specification) is and basics of Swagger?

WHY SHOULD YOU USE OAS? There is a huge amount of APIs over the whole worldwide web. And many of…

25 June 2019 Follow basic principles and learn how to be effective in time management

INTRO Today I’ll be writing about a little bit different topic. Topic regarding very important skill, of any developer, manager…

19 June 2019 Reactive user interfaces using SvelteJS

Today I’ll be writing about SvelteJS. A truly refreshing Javascript framework (Well, Svelte is not a framework. It’s a compiler.)…

13 June 2019 Overview of UI frameworks in 2019

Last blog post I announced I’ll be writing about a new Javascript framework. In the meantime (while I was preparing…

04 June 2019 Labeled statements in Javascript

Naming in Javascript world Labeled statements are just that, labels.Using label statement we name loops or blocks of code in…

28 May 2019 Microsoft Blazor – End of JS Era or new “Silverlight” deception? Part 2

And we started with Blazor … This is Part 2 of 2. If you missed Part 1, go check it…

23 May 2019 Microsoft Blazor – End of JS Era or new “Silverlight” deception? Part 1

Today, for the first time, but not the last, I will be hosting blog guest writer. His name is Vladimir…

16 May 2019 Using Export-Import in Typescript?

Let’s dive in Following the previously published article, i’ll be writing about Export-Import modules in Typescript.

07 May 2019 All you need to know about Typescript

What is Typescript? In short, it’s a superset of Javascript! Nothing more or less.

27 November 2017 Class, Constructors and Inheritance

What is a Class? Class in OOP is a representation of real world object or better to say a blueprint…

21 November 2017 Composition

What is Composition? It’s a relationship between two classes that allows one to contain the other. When one class is…

12 November 2017 Inheritance

What is inheritance? It’s a relationship between two classes which enables us to inherit code from one class to the…

05 November 2017 Class Coupling

What is class coupling? Class coupling is a measure of class complexity and it’s subclasses. It is showing us how…

29 October 2017 Lambda expressions

What are lambda expressions? In short – lambda expressions are anonymous methods with: No access modifier No name No return…

22 October 2017 Dynamic in C#

What are dynamic’s? We have two type of languages: Static and Dynamic. Since C# is static language it is pretty…

08 October 2017 Javascript Call and Apply functions

WHAT? What are Call and Apply functions?

01 October 2017 Javascript hoisting

Ever heard about hoisting in Javascript?Yep, you surely did… But what the heck is hoisting and how to handle it?…

24 September 2017 Javascript Bind function

Javascript Bind! What,when and how? Bind is a functional Javascript thing, which means it’s used in various frameworks like Angular,…

17 September 2017 Delegates

Today i’ll be writing about one of great C# features, called DELEGATES.

16 September 2017 Arrow Functions

What is arrow function? In short, it’s a shorthand for writing function in which “this” input returns “this” output. Additional to…

10 September 2017 C# 6.0 new features

With C# 6.0 we got new features which are not revolutionary but nonetheless are pretty handy improvements that helps us…

03 September 2017 Extension Methods

What are extension methods and how do you write them? Let’s dive together into extension methods world and make our…

27 August 2017 ES6 overview – variables

ECMA stands for European Computer Manufacturer Association and is responsible for providing ECMAScript which is basically the specification while Javascript…

11 August 2017 Using NPM without SUDO command

How do i setup npm not to use sudo credentials on Linux (Ubuntu)? There are several ways to do this…

30 April 2017 Javascript Revealing Module Pattern

I’m a big fan of Javascript’s Module Pattern as it keeps things simple and on the other hand easy to…

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