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Author: Denis Jakus

19 December 2023 Elevate your team by setting SMART goals 🎯

How do you handle a team? When you have finally hired and assembled the team, the real struggle begins. Let’s…

19 December 2023 Art of Decision Making – Your Guide to Smart Choices and Strategic Thinking

When you are at a certain point in life and you want to make a decision, business-related or personal, there…

26 November 2023 🤖 Unraveling the Mystery of Q*: OpenAI’s Potential Breakthrough Algorithm 🤖

🤖 In recent news surrounding OpenAI, a mysterious algorithm named Q* has taken center stage, triggering a series of events…

22 October 2023 Exploring the basics of Machine Learning

🤖 Machine learning is a groundbreaking field that’s revolutionizing the world of technology. Whether you’re an aspiring data scientist, a…

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