Project Management: What You Should Know

In the next several posts I’ll be writing about project management.This is a topic I covered as a lecturer for students at Kosice Tech University(University Pavla Jozefa Šafárika). So let’s start and let’s see what was the presentation lifecycle. I will start with some generalities about Project Management, some formalities like Methodologies and useful tools…

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When your best employee wants to leave

What does it mean and how to handle valuable member of your organization who wants to leave your company? Well, obviously if he says: “I quit!” he wants to leave. Don’t be fooled and think like it’s out of the blue. Something has been cooking inside your team member for a longer period of time….

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What motivates employees

Today, we will have an insight into what management is and what drives individuals in a team. Although I had this kind of article in my mind long ago, I finally put it to “paper”.  As a manager myself, I see how some managers work and miss the point.  I’ve made errors and sometimes I…

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