Introduction Wow, what an END of the year. As the previous year was known as the Great Resignation, this year will be remembered as a Year of Great Cancellation. Not only the surprising names like Kanye West and Will Smith that got cutback but also the cancellation of James Franco, Matt Damon, JK Rowling, Will…

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Is Freelance Better Than Full-Time Employment?

Introduction Nowadays, i.e. during the pandemic and post Covid-19, when the new normal has become “normal”, more and more people are asking themselves the question of work as such. Whether to work as a full-time employee of a company, work as a freelancer, or try to sit on both chairs. This is the question that…

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[OT] Changes

Hi! I’ve finally completed my first video for Youtube. I talk about choosing the right Javascript framework for newcomers and experienced Javascript developers. It’s available online at: , so please take a look and like it or share it! I know I currently suck in the video. I’ve got that video shooting issue(fright) as…

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