Javascript Splice VS Javascript Slice

Little chit-chat Hi! Let me keep you up-to-date with things that were rolling lately. As I’ve said previously, I finally updated my blog. I wanted to give it a more sleek and personal look. The old one was good but a little bit cold without any personal touch. So here it is, a new looking…

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Redux – simplified

What is Redux? It’s a library for state management based on Flux pattern and functional programming. It’s best used for medium to enterprise applications. Why and when to use it? When? By adding Redux to your application you add up complexity. So when developing small apps it’s not necessary to use Redux. Why? We use…

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Reactive user interfaces using SvelteJS

Today I’ll be writing about SvelteJS. A truly refreshing Javascript framework (Well, Svelte is not a framework. It’s a compiler.) which will, as stated on web, enhance you web apps. But I must say, not just your web apps, your whole experience of developing, will be enhanced. Only few..ermmm, frameworks (should I call it…

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Overview of UI frameworks in 2019

Last blog post I announced I’ll be writing about a new Javascript framework. In the meantime (while I was preparing that new blog post) I got asked by PMF Split university to do some presentation. I said yes, of course. That’s why my new blog post, about the new Javascript framework, is on hold. So…

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Labeled statements in Javascript

Naming in Javascript world Labeled statements are just that, labels.Using label statement we name loops or blocks of code in Javascript. What do we get of it?Well, that way, we easily refer back to the code, later if we need to!

Javascript hoisting

Ever heard about hoisting in Javascript?Yep, you surely did… But what the heck is hoisting and how to handle it? Let’s see…