Developer Log

Is Freelance Better Than Full-Time Employment?

Introduction Nowadays, i.e. during the pandemic and post Covid-19, when the new normal has become “normal”, more and more people are asking themselves the question of work as such. Whether to work as a full-time employee of a company, work as a freelancer, or try to sit on both chairs. This is the question that…

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Game: Alien Invasion Retro

I’ve decided to dive into game development. And result of it is this tiny game: Expect future games to come. Soon I’ll post more info about my first mobile game. Until then, try this tiny game.

How to organize Visual Studio projects

In my latest Youtube video, I talked about how to organize Visual Studio projects in a Visual Studio blank solution to support multilayered architecture. Why should you organize your application in a multilayered way? Well, so your app becomes more robust, easy to upgrade and maintain. This way you know where and how to look,…

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Caching in DotNet Core WebAPI using Strategy Pattern

Let me write today about Caching, Repository pattern and finally about CacheRepository by using Strategy pattern. So, I’ve seen a lot of developers use caching pretty differently.  And mostly what I’ve seen, was, them using cache inside the Controller or BLL, if there is one. I don’t think this is a proper way of doing…

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How to fix the IISExpress SSL certification issue

Let’s continue with DotNet stuff. One of the problems I’ve encountered when dealing with IISExpress and using Visual Studio was when I used SSL for application. If you are working in a team of developers, you probably agreed upon a valid port number for SSL.  In my case it was port number 5001.  Since I’m…

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Automapper Optimization

Today I’ll write about Automapper optimization when using Entity Framework. I won’t go into too much detail about what AutoMapper is and how to use it, I’ll give you just a short intro.  I will focus more on how to optimize AutoMapper if you are using Entity Framework. As I see some people tend to…

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Javascript Splice VS Javascript Slice

Little chit-chat Hi! Let me keep you up-to-date with things that were rolling lately. As I’ve said previously, I finally updated my blog. I wanted to give it a more sleek and personal look. The old one was good but a little bit cold without any personal touch. So here it is, a new looking…

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It’s been a while, once again, since my last post. But due to a much of stuff, I’m doing in the background, I guarantee you, it’s going to be worth it! Bunch of changes is going to be presented to you very soon as well as new content, in a much more professional way. Anyway,…

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