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Hi! I’ve finally completed my first video for Youtube. I talk about choosing the right Javascript framework for newcomers and experienced Javascript developers.

It’s available online at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy0fDW8Tk78&t=10s , so please take a look and like it or share it!

I know I currently suck in the video. I’ve got that video shooting issue(fright) as well as limited knowledge of video editing.
But hey, I need to start somewhere!
It will only get better over time! I can, for sure, guarantee You that!

I’ve also done some small changes to this blog.
Like, added link to my Youtube account and added, for the first time, one project I’ve worked on in Portfolio section.
As soon as I get more time I will add some more projects I’ve worked on.

Anyways, more things are to come and hopefully you will like it!


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